Easter Saturday

It’s becoming almost a trend these days that I work on days that no one else seems to.

I worked Christmas Eve, and now I’m working all Easter weekend.

It kinda sucks, but it just so happened that my turn at Saturday working ended up falling on Easter Saturday, and with my usual Sunday, I’ve just ended up working most of the holiday again.

In other news, I’ve started trying out Korean lessons again. I mean, is learning on Duo Lingo really considered learning? I tried learning through Memrise before, and found that whilst it was good, I was just learning phrases and not the actual language.

I figure it’ll be good for now though, even if it is just a way of learning some useful phrases before I finish my TEFL and pick up my proper books for it.

TEFL is something I really need to get on with, but I really don’t have the time for at the moment. It’s coming up to May now, and I’m finding that the closer I get to the end, the worse I am at actually doing it.

So, when I’m off next week, I’m going to try and power through it so I can finish it.

I don’t actually think it’ll take all that much longer. I’m just stuck on this lesson plan and I just need to get it out.

Ah, the fun I’ll have once I finish. It’s going to be interesting, at least.

I can’t believe it’s nearly May already. Where has the time gone?


UK Number 1

So, this is kind of my mushy post.

I’ve been a fan of BTS since 2015. It’s been nearly four years now since I found their music and became a fan.

Today, they got number 1 on the UK Albums Chart, and honestly, it just makes me so happy.

Four years ago when I first discovered them did I ever think I would have been on this journey.

I know it sounds so silly, me being 25 and fawning over a boy band, but it’s been such a wild ride and I’ve learnt so much and discovered so much through BTS, and it’s a journey I wouldn’t take back.

So, seeing them at number 1 today just made me so proud? It’s a hard feeling to describe, because like, I’m so happy for them, and there was so much work put into making this happen on our side, and I think the week has finally caught up with me and now I can attempt to get back to normal.

But, I’m proud.

So, I’m also mushy.

Today will definitely be a day to remember for me, and despite what everyone tells me, when I’m in my 70s and retired, I’ll be looking back on this day fondly and not with embarrassment like others tell me I will.

Today was the day I got to watch history being made.

A day in which nothing happens

Which is true. I’ve barely moved about all day today, and because I wasn’t in work, I’ve been feeling a little lost.

I’ve written on here before about how much my routine means to me, so having the disruption today threw me more than I’d anticipated.

Usually, I have a few days to look forward to taking a day off, but considering I didn’t have anything until like 3pm yesterday, it just wasn’t in my sights.

It has been nice, I’m not denying that. I wish I’d read more, but I seem to be going through a rather distracted reading phrase. Or rather, I have so much else going on, finding the time to actually read properly is proving to be a lot more difficult than first imagined.

At least on concert planning side, the banner poll will go out tomorrow and fingers crossed that goes well because I legit can’t take any more of a beating mentally.

It’s funny how people think being verbally abusive on social media is a good thing. Or at least something that’s acceptable.

But that’s a thought for another day. Maybe one day I’ll just drop it all and say what goes on behind the scenes and the kind of thing people expect and attack you for. Some of it’s really astounding considering it’s not something I get paid for.

Planning a Trip

My sister and I have held off on any kind of holiday planning this summer because I was unsure about where life would take me.

I mean, I’m still unsure as to where life will take me, but sometimes, you kinda just need to let go and plan something to look forward to.

So, incidentally, I was talking to a colleague in work about Luxembourg. It’s not actually a place I’d really thought much of, but then I looked at pictures and it’s so pretty!

Now, my sister and I planning a mini break to Luxembourg for when we planned on going to London. We’ve already booked our tickets for the Harry Potter Studio Tour, so we figure we’ll just do studio tour, then get on a flight the next day to Luxembourg. It’s actually pretty cheap (pre-Brexit) to get there and we hope that kinda sticks around.

Obviously, the biggest hesitancy is Brexit, because obviously so much is up in the air, and nothing has been decided so we don’t really know what to expect currently.

I don’t like it. Brexit or the uncertainty. Hopefully something will be decided soon because it’s been two years, and honestly, I just wish the vote had never happened at all, and we could have just carried on with our life.

A Night Off

Last night I didn’t post a blog post.

There wasn’t really any reason for this, I just couldn’t find it in myself to make a post.

It’d been a bit a long day and today continues in that fashion, and I just kinda wanted to go to sleep.

Which is the sentiment I’m feeling now, but it felt so weird deliberately leaving a post.

Usually the only times I don’t ever post, I’ve usually got a good reason for it, but last night, I didn’t. I was just too lazy.

So, today, I’m posting a short post to tell you I was lazy. Because nothing much else has happened to me over the course of the last two days. Which is fun. But, also proves that I never venture to try anything new.

Maybe tomorrow will bring new tidings.

Back to reality

So, after a very BTS filled weekend, today was the day I had to go back to reality.

It was time to go back to work.

A lot of the time, I tend to take some leave around comeback so I can help keep up a lot more, but I’m still saving my leave because I do still want to leave my job and hopefully be a teacher.

This essentially means running myself into the ground so I don’t have to owe the university anything.

I mean, this plan could essentially backfire on me, and I could end up with loads of leave at the end of the year, but who knows.

Either way, I’ve decided not to take leave around comeback this time, just after comeback.

So, today I went back to work and it was a bit of a chore. It’s now the Easter break, so we don’t have as many students in. Tomorrow will be the biggest test of this, as it’s a proper working day and if there’s no students about, how are you supposed to work?

Easter is a strange vacation, because not all the students go home as exams follow straight after. Or they filter out slower than usual. But I am expecting it to be quieter than normal.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

This ends my fairly scatter brained post. My brain is having trouble focusing on a specific topic to talk about, and then when it finds something it escapes me quickly. This is the full effect of a BTS weekend.

Counting Down

So, now that comeback is officially in full swing, I’m officially counting down the days to my time off. One week tomorrow and I will be finishing work for a whole three days.

My excitement levels are kind too high for this to be really real. I shouldn’t be this excited for some time off, but this is where we’re at.

It always takes a while for me to realise how badly I actually need the time off, but today I had to force myself awake just to be able to get up out of bed.

So, a week Monday I’m not waking up for anyone. I’m going to take it nice and slow and to be honest, if someone complains, they can eat my shoe. I have had too many early mornings and too little restful sleep to care what people think now.

I think my tiredness is partially due to the changing seasons. I felt a little like this going into autumn, plus, it was only 1 hour, but the clock changes really have thrown me this time.

So, hopefully these three days off will be a good chance for me to really chill out, get some TEFL done properly and catch up on some good reading.

Or, we can only live in hope, I guess. Something it bound to go wrong somewhere in my planning.

Boy With Luv

Comeback days are always like the busiest I’ll ever be.

There’s so many things that need to be look at, and so many people asking questions at the same time.

Today added the extra fun of actually being able to buy physical CD’s in UK Stores. Which is exciting, because this has never happened to us here before, so we’d held off on preordering from Korean stores in the hopes that we’d actually be able to complete a set in the UK.

So, that’s how the day went. We waited for the new BTS Music Video to come out at 10am, then by 10.30 we were out and driving around the shops to buy them.

I did manage to complete the set, and I spent a lot of money (whoops).

But the music is so good, and I’m like so sucked into the ‘completing the set’ idea that despite the music being the same on each album, I have to buy them all.

Essentially, I’m now broke, so I will now be spending the weeks until payday just watching the music video on repeat, because this is the only thing I can afford to do…

Have fun everyone!

Today’s update

Is brought to you by my phone, because I am currently too lazy to turn on my computer.

So, essentially, this means you’re exempted from most of my life drama’s because I’m too lazy to type them all out.

But my day has gone reasonably well. I was really distracted for the first part of the day. Then I kinda woke up a bit more and the rest of the day went okay.

I went out for dinner with my friend, and that was really nice cause I don’t get to see her very often anymore, so we try to meet up like once a month.

It’s always nice to catch up with friends and just chill out for a little while.

Also, tomorrow is the day BTS release new music, so here comes another week of stress.

That week off is beginning to sound nicer and nicer now….


Admitting I needed a break seemed to do me well.

Last night, for the first time in a long time, I managed a good nights sleep, and woke up feeling a lot more rested than I have in quite a while.

Which is good, because we’re going to be heading into one of the longest week’s of any BTS Comeback.

So, I need my sleep for that one, because it’s never easy.

Today has also been kind of a scary day, and I keep minimising it because it was a kind of ridiculous situation, and it went down a little like this:

A man entered the library today, and he was clearly agitated. He was demanding to speak to the head of security, because he had been, apparently, refused entry into the library.

As we don’t typically deal a lot with security, I didn’t know who that was, and the longer I spent looking for the guy, the more and more agitated he got. In his hands, he had like this metal recorder that he was kind of flinging around, and to be honest I was feeling a little nervous about it all.

So, I went into the back office to see if anyone knew who the head was or could give me some help.

In the meantime, my colleague who was on the desk went to get a male colleague, cause she was afraid that the guy at the desk was going to start swinging his recorder at my face if I made him wait any longer.

We find the head of security, but he doesn’t answer his phone. Suddenly, my colleague comes back in and says the man is now pacing around the library swinging his recorder and our porter desks security get involved and bring him back to the desk whilst another calls security for us.

So, by this point, I now have to sit at the desk with him anxiously as we wait for security arrive.

Security do arrive very quickly, and remove him from the library very forcefully.

Apparently he’s been informed he’s not allowed in here because he’s been aggressive. He’s been told three times already that day.

After it’s all kind of blown over, security approach me and basically tell me he’s a suspected drug dealer, and that if I do see him again I’m to notify them immediately as the police are currently looking for him. They were also concerned by the way he was holding his recorder as it was ‘positioned to hit someone’.

So, it could have gone a lot worse than it did.

As I type this out, it doesn’t seem like such a massive deal, but the guy was pretty threatening in his behaviour, and it might just be that I’m not explaining it well. But, it was scary.

Hopefully he doesn’t come back, because I don’t want to get battered by a recorder…