Does anyone else ever feel like there’s no end to washing?

I feel like my life is spent in cycles of doing washing and catching up with washing. With six people living under the same roof, washing does build up very quickly, and then takes a long time to get back down again.

Most of the time, it’s my sister and I who do the washing, and with my parents having just come back from a ten day holiday, and then us leaving straight away for four, the washing hadn’t been done in our absence.

So now we just have mountains to try and catch up with.

The only problem being the weather.

Swansea, despite being a seaside city, is not known for it’s nice weather.

You know in How To Train Your Dragon, Hiccup describes Berk similarly to it raining 9 months of the year and hails the other three?

That aptly describes Swansea, so, we can’t do a lot of washing. We have one heated airer which can take one load of washing. Essentially, we do one load a night, and it’s slow going, but we do get a lot done. Eventually. It’ll take like a few weeks for us to catch up now, but it has to be done.

And oh, wow, I just can’t believe I rambled about doing the washing for 200 words.

I’m sorry.

As a side note update. I started my application for that job in publicity. I’m really not expecting a lot, but you don’t know anything until you try. I probably won’t get passed the first stage considering I’m technically not legal to work in the US being a UK Citizen and all that. Or, do they help you with that? I don’t know. Visa’s are kind of confusing and scary.


To apply or not to apply

That is the question of the hour.

Yesterday as I was scrolling through the book club twitter, a job was being advertised.

It’s actually in the area I’ve kind of always wanted to work in. It’s in a publishing house, working in marketing. I meet most of the criteria of the job application.

It sounds like so much fun, and I really would like to do it.

The drawbacks?

One: It’s in New York, so it’s quite a long distance from me, being in Wales and all that.

Two: It’s $40,000 a year, which, from what I’ve read about New York, is not a lot of money. It’s practically impossible to live on.

I’ve read there are ways around it like flatshares and stuff like that, but it makes me kind of apprehensive.

I’ve spoken to a few people about it, and everyone I’ve spoke to says to just go for it. You don’t know how it’ll be until you try.

I mean, I probably wouldn’t get the job anyway. Visas, experience, finding a home, etc would take a long while. Why would they hire someone from all the way in the UK when they could hire someone better in the US?

So, I’m at an impasse.

I mean, I could go for it, but I’m apprehensive.

I would like to try. You don’t know how anything is going to go until you at least try for it.

Paranoia might win out and the job will be closed before I even manage to apply, so I’ll make a start on it tomorrow and see how it goes. I need to work on my CV cause they ask for that, too.

It’ll probably be a disaster. New York doesn’t particularly interest me, but the job does.

You never know until you try, I guess.

So, tomorrow I’ll figure something out.

Fingers crossed, eh?

Two Separate Things

So, I was kind of divided on what I was going to post about tonight, because there are two things that have happened that I want to talk about, but alas, I didn’t know whether it would work better to make two posts, or just cram it all in one.

The first thing is work related.

As the world is probably aware, I’ve not been so good recently, and yesterday I forced myself into work because I didn’t want to leave my colleague in the morning on their own. It was busy before I left for the concert, and I didn’t want to leave anyone in a difficult situation, so I forced myself in.

Similarly, this morning, I was on my own, so if I didn’t turn up, no one was going to turn up until 9am, which would be too late for our opening at 8am.

I did it not for gratitude, but I have a lot of issues with taking leave unexpectedly, and taking days off sick. In the four years I’ve worked where I have, I’ve taken one sick day, and that was because I was so ill the day before, I was forced not to come in, and after I’d checked multiple times that it was safe for me not to go in.

I have a lot of anxieties about leaving people in unexpected situations, so I just go into work.

But, today, I was back in the cursed campus, and literally, the response I got when I told people I couldn’t move around too much cause it upset my stomach was ‘well, it’s your own fault for getting sick’, and that kind of baffled me. Cause, I’d made the effort to get myself in there, and get working and put myself out there, and there wasn’t even any concern that I was doing this? That kind of hurt, and I know it’s self-centred, and I shouldn’t be seeking anyone’s concern, but having your feeling’s validated by someone also would have been nice.

But, that’s just me being me. Next time, I’ll force myself not to bother. Only for this campus though.

The second thing.

BTS are now in Germany for their next concerts. And honestly, after the way Amsterdam and now Berlin is going, it’s making us in London look like literal godsends. Amsterdam failed their project (which I don’t feel pity for because the people who run the account are not nice people). Berlin is now currently dealing with people hanging around outside hotels.

The funniest thing is they thought that this was BTS’s actual hotel, turns out it might not even be that. So, essentially, they’ve made a mess of themselves and the representation of Europe for nothing.

I swear, I’ve waited so long for BTS to come here, and if they mess things up, then I’m going to be so mad. How hard is it to behave like a decent human being?

I’m not even sure what crosses their mind to even do something like that? I get being excited and young, but when I was excited and young I didn’t go camping outside hotels rooms disturbing people.

Different generations, I guess. Or maybe just different mindsets.

We’ll see how this one plays out over the night. I hope it gets resolved without too much backlash.

I would like to see BTS again one day.

Back to work.

So, today was my first day back in work.

Despite not feeling totally one hundred percent better, I decided to go back to work.

Sitting around at home will have probably made me feel worse, and I’ve got more leave coming up at the end of next month anyway.

I’m not sure I should feel this wiped, but I think now is the time where my body is finally starting to unwind from everything that’s happened to it over the last few weeks, from the mental stress of my dissertation, to the next stress of the tour, to food poisoning. It’s not really been a fun few months.

To be fair, I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself now. I’m so used to having multitude’s of things to do that I’m feeling kind of lost.

I’m going to try and dedicate all this leftover energy into the bookclub, but despite having free time now, I’m at a loss of what to post.

I’m sure I’ll get over it soon.

I’ll have a gander online to see what kind of stuff I can post on there and maybe when I’ve finally settled into my new rhythm, I’ll have more to talk about on there.

For now, I am going to sleep. I really need sleep.

Food Poisoning

So, yesterday in my extended absence post, I said I had food poisoning.

Today, I am glad to report that I am feeling a lot better.

I’ve never had food poisoning before, and it sucks. Like, really majorly. I’ve mostly slept and rested today because I’ve been so worn down that I think I just needed the rest.

I still feel like I need a lot of rest to catch up on everything, but I think I’m going to slowly integrate myself back into the life I held before all this tour stuff started.

It’s been a wild ride, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it, but I think I need some time to myself.

Now that it’s all done, I feel like it was definitely worth it.

It’s hard to describe the pride I felt when I saw the arena holding up the banners, seeing BTS holding the banners, and the compliments we’ve had since.

It’s made everything we went through worth it, and I’d definitely do it again.

It’s crazy right? But, I’ve met so many amazing people because of this project and had such a great time because of it that I’d definitely do it again.

But, for now, it’s back to the usual, but hopefully with more reading time.

Starting tomorrow.

Today, I started watching that Haunting on Hill House on Netflix. I remember reading the book ages ago, but I can barely remember what happened in it, so it’s like discovering things for the first time again!

I have returned!

So, this blog took a short hiatus whilst I was in London, and yesterday.

Mainly for the tour.

So, let’s start with the concerts themselves, because that was the main large thing!

BTS were amazing! I loved every second of it. I don’t remember a time where I’ve been at a concert and enjoyed myself so much. I cried, but I had so much fun. They were amazing! Everything I thought they were going to be and more, despite Jungkook’s injury.

So, I was super happy with the concert. I took a few videos, but I’m probably screaming in the background, and I don’t want to do that.

The second part.

The project.

On Monday before I went to sleep I posted that things had finally been settled with the O2, and we’d finally get the distribution plan.


On Tuesday, we met our lovely representative, we dropped the banners off (I can’t share all the details for privacy reasons!), and went and had a drink.

At 6pm, we saw a few people were tweeting us with pictures of their banners. So, we did a check and asked people to send us their banners.

Out of like 25 replies to that tweet, 4 people had their banners.


We texted our representative, and luckily she shorted it. I don’t know how she did it, but we watched as waves of them were passed out through the crowd.

Day 1, at the end of the day, was a success. The O2 were horrific about it, but we somehow pulled it off.

Day 2. We were reassured the project was going to go better than the previous night. We felt relatively safe in this knowledge. My sister and I queued for 3 hours for merch, only for most of it to sell out before we even got there, but we did manage to get some photocards and a towel (we needed something to remember the day by!).

At 3.30pm we see people walking the venue with the banners. We check and it seems the entertainment agency crew are handing them out for standing. We kind of relax. Things are looking good.

5pm, we tweet again. We think we’ll be early this time and try to catch it better.

We get into the venue, seated is all good. We relaxed even more. We wander a bit, pick up some drinks and snacks, and go find our seats.

Our banners are on their seats ready.

We look down to standing.

People entering the venue are no longer receiving banners.

We text the representative again. She tries to figure it out. The venue are refusing to give more out.

I angrily tweet the venue to do their job. We put out a tweet apologising, saying the venue are refusing to do more.

Somehow, miraculously, despite them saying there wasn’t enough, at least another hundred or more make an appearance.

Most people in the end get their banner.

Project. Successful.

One of the most stressful experiences of my life is now over.

I could cry.

The third thing to go wrong with the week in London. We went out for food on the Tuesday. I woke up Wednesday feeling a little rough. I put it down to alcohol, I’d had like 2 cocktails, a cider and a vodka and coke. Not really a lot to get me hungover, but I figure I don’t drink very often, so it’s probably that.

But it doesn’t clear up. It only gets worse as the day goes on.

Thursday I wake up, and my stomach is still playing havoc on me. I’ve got food poisoning.

I’m still not feeling great now, but am feeling slightly better.

Of all things that could have happened over the week. I was preparing to get my money together to refund people on Monday thinking we’d have a failed project and would need to give people their money back. I did not expect to get food poisoning.

So, that kind of sucked.

Other than that, things have been okay. I’m hoping to go back to normal tomorrow, and that includes regular posting on here and on the book club.

My life is now free(ish)!

This was a really long post, I didn’t expect it to go on for this long…

I hope everyone else has had a lovely week off from my complaining though! I’ve certainly had an experience. Last night I slept for nearly 12 hours to make up for all the lost hours sleep over the last few weeks. I’m still tired, but I’m going to make up for it…


We made it!

In more than one way! We arrived safely in London, and another special update…

Someone must have heard ours please, and I said I’d let you know if things worked out and…

They did!

They finally caved and are collecting the banners off us in the morning.

So, I’m super happy!

My next post will probably be after the tour now, so I hope everyone has a lovely few days.


I leave for London, and the stress is really piling on.

Remember all those months ago and everything went to all hell all lead by one teenager. This one teenager led to us getting countless death threats and verbal abuse?

Yeah, she made a reappearance.

So, now my life is spiralling back into the pits of hell, and I kind of wish the O2 would let up at least somewhat and be forgiving with us and give us at least a bit of a chance.

But, alas, we can only live in hope that something good happens tomorrow, and if someone is reading this with powers at the O2, please help us out. We’re on our last feet and we need a lot of help to pull this off in less than 24 hours.

For now, I am signing out.

I might not post anything for the next few days, but hopefully I’ll post a quick update with how things have gone tomorrow!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

Is it too early to pack?

Despite all the crap we’ve gone through for this tour, which includes the death threats (last night someone told us they hoped we’d rot in hell), I’m still excited to go. I’ve waited three years for this concert, and I’m not going to really let anything get in the way of that, and that includes angry teenagers, and poor event management.

So, I’ve started packing.

Obviously, like with a lot of trips, there’s a lot of things you cannot pack until the day that you’re leaving, but with my trip obscured quite substantially with being in work right up until the moment I leave, being prepared is the number one thing I’m aiming for.

I’m only taking a small suitcase, which will probably work against me at some point, but I think I’ve now packed all the necessities.

Then I look at the list of things I’m going to have to pack over the next night, and early Monday morning.

For example, due to the fanbase still being in motion when we’re at the concert, I’m going to need my laptop, my laptop charger, a portable charger for on the day(s), hairbrush, my straighteners (I will legit die if I forget this), a toothbrush, etc.

I always get in such a panic that I’m going to forget something, and a part of me thinks I’m going to forget something more when I’m packing this early, but I don’t think I’m going to get much of an opportunity tomorrow to do it.

We’re supposed to be meeting with the people who’ve organised it on the Monday evening, but it’s going to be so late and we’re going to have our suitcases and a part of me really doesn’t want to be bothered with it.

We’re also going to try our hardest to get this banner project off the ground on Monday, so we might be needed for that.

Hopefully the promoters will sort something, or will have something for us on Monday morning. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen otherwise.

Another Day

The concert draws ever closer, and yet, we still have no official word on a plan.

We were asked a lot of stupid questions by the promoters that the arena wanted to know, but we haven’t heard anything since, so I’m hoping that means we have some good news.

It’s Friday now, so I doubt we’ll hear anything until Monday. But, even if on Monday we get someone saying that they’ll deal with distribution is better.

Like, the banners themselves are sorted, and they have a delivery address and are going somewhere, but the rest is totally up in the air.

To be fair, a part of me just can’t wait for all this to be over and I can finally get a good nights sleep.

Though, a part of me is glad we even got to hear anything at all today. So, there’s that at least.

Tomorrow, I shall spend some of the day cleaning up the house a little, because we’ve left it for a little too long due to everything else that’s been happening, then hopefully, in the afternoon I’ll finally be able to start reading my book. I was planning on doing that today, but then things went wrong, and you know how the rest goes.

But! I did manage to catch up with the ironing pile today, and it made me feel good, so let’s hope that doing a bit of cleaning will distract me tomorrow, too.